First Post. The state of play.

It’s February 2021 and the UK is in another Covid-19 lockdown an I had a great idea. Why don’t I start a travel, photography and camping blog? Just a couple of issues.

We can’t travel.

We can only go outside for exercise or essential reasons, but need to stay local.

When I do go out, can I take photos? Does taking a camera out on a walk with me mean I’m not exercising?

Oh, we don’t have a campervan currently.

Having sold our beloved VW T3 Classic campervan at the end of 2020 to free up the drive. Our new Ford Nugget has been delayed due to a mixture of COVID-19 and Brexit issues. A small blessing knowing it’s not sitting on the drive unused due to lockdown, I guess.

So, it’s possibly the worst time you could imagine starting a travel blog. But I’m undeterred, and look upon this time as a great excuse get the site up and running. Maybe even cover some of our earlier Ambling Adventures.

So here it is! Post number one! Let’s go!

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