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Moving on from our VW T3 Camper

In the middle of 2020 we decided to get a new Campervan, it was a hard decision. Whilst we loved owning a classic VW T3 full of quirky character and the splendors within, we had come to a crossroad. We wanted to travel further and for longer, and I wanted to spend less time worrying about maintenance and more time ambling. The reality is a 33-year vehicle needs a fair amount of attention to reduce any potential issues you might have on a long journey. The reality was we travelled with the tools to get us out of any issues, duct tape for things that shouldn’t move and WD40 for things that should.

We’d own Bellamy for over 4 years and had created many wonderful memories as we travelled the UK. Highlights included tackling Lands End to John O’Groats, the Lake District, Welsh Mountains, the NC500 and more. Add 100’s of smaller day and weekend trips also we had spent a lot of time in Bellamy as she became affectionately known.

But, it was coming to a point where Bellamy would need some exterior cosmetic work if we were going to keep her. I didn’t mind spending some money to sort out the rust that was appearing and other minor work, but I didn’t want to spend the money to conclude we would prefer a more modern van the next year.

We will miss the waves from other VW owners as we pass each other on the road, but ultimately our plans need a more modern vehicle.

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