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Our Ford Nugget Campervan order is delayed

Last September 2020, after a lot of thought and consideration, we decided to invest in a new Campervan. Everyone we spoke with assumed we’d be getting a newer VW Camper (T6?) but we decided to go for one of VW’s rivals in Europe, the Ford Nugget.

The Nugget has been available in Europe for a number of years and is a well-respected campervan based on the Ford Custom Transit. The camper conversion is handled by Westfalia, so you can expect a quality conversion.

We went to the most local commercial Ford dealer to check out a Nugget once they had a demo vehicle available. It’s a little different from the usual campervan layout with the kitchen area in the back rather than the length of the van. It does mean you lose boot space compared to a VW Van but as it’s just the 2 of us, we never really used that storage area in the VW T3. A test drive of a standard transit van with the same engine/gearbox was excellent. Smooth, comfortable, and car-like, just what we wanted.

We placed the order back in September 2020 and have been waiting ever since. Originally, we were given a 14-week delivery estimate “in time for Christmas?”. We didn’t expect Ford to hit that date based on the European delays on Nugget orders we’d read about. But it has been frustrating with very little info being shared. So here we are, into the 23rd week since we ordered.

Thankfully, the winter and the latest lockdown period has made not having the Nugget that little easier. But as the UK weather will soon be turning warmer and COVID-19 vaccines being deployed, not having a van to escape in until May (the new estimate) will be frustrating.

So, we hope there are no more Brexit or COVID-19 delays and we can head out once more soon.


  • Lucy Collins

    Hi – we’re also ordered a nugget and having exactly the same problems with delays. If you have had any luck getting any information from
    Ford, please share!

  • Marcus

    Hi Lucy, sorry you are having issues also. Ours should be with the dealer in the last week in May 2021 now, so 8 to 9 months since order. We have been following a Facebook group that seems to suggest this is about the average for most orders in Europe also.

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