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Ford Nugget wardrobe shelves DIY

As we await our Custom Ford Nugget, we’ve been looking at enhancements we can add to the van once she arrives. Looking through the Westfalia Genuine Accessories catalogue we wondered if the official wardrobe shelves might be a good purchase for us?

The price did seem a little expensive at €50 for a single shelf or €75 for a double shelf set. I asked my Ford dealer if I could purchase them through them, which they advise I couldn’t. So expect to add some international shipping costs from Germany to a Non-EU country to the final amount.

A DIY Solution?

I then started looking for some less costly storage solutions for the wardrobe area and stumbled across a post on, plans for a DIY project to build your own Ford Nugget wardrobe shelves. One of the members had kindly created a detailed plan of the 2 shelves in PDF and DXF format to allow you to build your own.

You will need to join the NuggetForum to access the Wiki and download the plans if you fancy having a go yourself. Just remember to turn on English translation in your browser to make it easier if your German is as rusty as mine!

I’ve got the plans bookmarked in Evernote ready for our Nuggets arrival in a couple of weeks. We plan to see how we get on with the standard configuration with a hanging rail wardrobe setup or if shelves make more sense. If it’s shelves, I’ll dust off my jigsaw, buy some 12mm Birch Plywood or, more likely, contact my local machine shop and send them the DXF file to quote for the finished shelves!

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    Hello! I’m interested about the plans but I don’t see where are the documents. Can you send me the link or the document please? I want to put into my new nugget.

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