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The NC500 in a VW T3 Campervan – Part 5 – The landscape changes as we head South.

Day 6 – Sango Sands to Clachtoll – 55 miles (88km)

Part 4 of the series can be found HERE.

Out first stop of the day was Smoo Cave, a short drive back the way we came yesterday. The weather had improved from yesterday, making the caves more accessible today. The water’s roar was loud, but nowhere nearly as loud as we heard the night before as we walked past it on the way to the local pub.

It’s a fantastic place to explore. Arriving early in the day did mean we had the place nearly all to ourselves for much of our visit. The rushing water reminded us of the extreme power of nature.

Our route now started to head South towards some of the most spectacular scenery in the United Kingdom. The urge to stop around every corner to take photos was immense. Today’s drive was a short 55 miles, yet it took us most of the day as we enjoyed the magnificent views. With every bend of the road, the views continued to move us until we almost became numb to the beauty.

Finally, we arrived at our destination for the evening, Clachtoll Beach Campsite. A golden sandy beach and rocks to explore, all to ourselves without anyone in sight.

The sun was shining as we retired to Bellamy. We even managed to sit outside and enjoy the view before getting our bed socks early and planning our Journey’s next leg.

Part 6 of the series continues HERE.

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