Hi, that’s my wife Louise and me Marcus above, both sporting cool woolly hats. In the background, you can just see our much loved but now departed T3 VW campervan. We love to explore the UK and further, usually armed with a camera and often in a campervan. With both of us over half a century old we like quite peaceful campsites, great walks, amazing food, and always travel at an ambling pace.

Our Ambling Adventures blog has been created to document our travels and share the amazing (or not so amazing) places we find and explore. We hope you will enjoy reading about our journeys and that they might inspire you to explore some of the locations we find. We will also share our camping tips and of course, our Photography.

Professional travellers?

We are not travel bloggers or Van-lifers who quit our jobs to become ‘professional travellers, we both work full time, and our trips are squeezed into our busy work and family schedules. Don’t expect to see an Instagram feed full of us both in swimwear in the Maldives!


We are extremely fortunate to call the UK home; whilst a small island nation, the landscapes’ diversity is hard to match within such a small space. Being able to jump into our campervan at the drop of a hat and be halfway across the country within a few hours is perfect for us.


I’m an amateur photographer, something I do for fun and relaxation. I’ve had some success in having my photos published in Newspapers, Magazines and Websites, but my photos are mainly for us to document our adventures. Louise loves messing around with her phone camera and somehow seems to get more likes than I do on social media photos!


We owned a quirky 1986 VW T3 Campervan (Bellamy) for several years and travelled the UK’s length in her. We recently sold her and await the delivery of her replacement, a Ford Transit Custom Nugget, in 2021.

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Thanks for checking us out, and we hope to meet you on one of our social media accounts soon!

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